The camera never "takes" a photograph. It never will. The camera is merely a storage device holding the photographer's perception of reality at any given point in time. True, the more features a camera has available, the easier it is to manipulate reality on the fly. However, the least expensive camera with the fewest features can virtually replicate most results of high end models. In the last analysis it is not the camera but rather the person behind the camera that truly "takes" the photograph.

I was born in Schenectady, New  York and from that time on I was in front of or behind a camera lens!  Probably the greatest influence in my developing an interest in photography was my father, who several years earlier documented and field developed photographs from  World War II India where he served in the railroad battalion.

My first camera was a Agfa, green plastic hand held camera that I won by selling magazine subscriptions. From the time I was awarded the prize a camera was always within reach.


Sometimes I do get to places just when God's ready to have somebody click the shutter.
--Ansel Adams

I took photos of just about everything I saw experimenting with composition and subject matter. When my budget based on delivering newspapers was too small to allow me to have my photos processed, I did the next best thing: by building a small darkroom in the basement and processed photos myself!

Although I believes the it is the photographer makes the photo, not the camera, I recognize that being on the cutting edge of photo technology can provide the tools needed to adjust instantly to changing conditions allowing me to catch a shot I may have been otherwise unprepared or slow to capture. My camera of choice is the Canon Mark 5D II, which provides the latitude and freedom I demands in  photo art.

Anyone that knows me, can attest to the fact that Ansel Adams is by far, not only one of the greatest influences on my work,  he is my "photo god". Over the  years I developed what I thought was my own philosophy about the concept pf photographic art, but as I began studying the masters, I soon discovered that Ansel Adams shares the same philosophy, only several years and several thousand photographs before my time! It makes me think that any artist, photographic or otherwise, (I am really patting myself on the back here!), will likely share the same philosophy regarding their work if, in fact, they are immersed in it. When one's art is so much a part of one's self, it is no wonder that his perspective is shared by the masters. You can hear  some of the more famous quotes from Ansel Adams in the following video.

My award winning photographs have been published nationally and have receive great reviews. Visit this site frequently and you will see albums grow with the best of the best. Be sure to click on the Photo Gallery link above to view some of my work. For a more extensive portfolio, go to Jack Mion Photography  to my website provided in part