the marriage of light and shadow, captured in a medium that allows, regardless how
fleeting the lights and shadows may have been, they can endure forever. When that marriage as seen through the eyes of the photographer presents a unique perspective of the otherwise mundane, in a manner that portrays that slice of life through a new perspective, we discover art.
rt is the application of the skill and  intelligence of its creator, through the use of a specific medium, with the intention of communicating or eliciting an emotional response from a person or group of persons

The quality of art should not be determined by the degree of acceptance, but rather by the intensity of the emotional response it brings forth. .Even when something called "art" disturbs, angers, frightens, annoys, degrades, or humiliates, the worst we can say of that thing is that although it may be in bad taste to the extreme, by virtue of the fact that it stirred emotions, it is still art.

One of my most recent photo excursions that i enjoyed over the past few weeks was being able to visit the Dale Chihuly exhibit at the Dallas Arboretum, in Dallas, Texas. Being allowed to photograph many of the pieces of Chihuly's work, provided me, an artist, with the opportunity to capture the works of a true master of the art of glass sculpture.Not only was I able to view life and nature thru the eyes of a master, I was able to document my interpretation of  his work as I viewed it through the lens of my camera. The photographs below are just a small sampling of the brilliance of this incredible exhibit. To fully appreciate the exhibit however, my photos fail to do it justice. You must  make visiting the Dallas Arboretum the number one item on your to do list while this exhibit is still on display through November 5, 2012. I hope you enjoy this sampling and ask, as always, please leave you comments in my guest book!




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